Quality infrastructure (QI) describes a system of institutions that guarantee the definition and control of quality criteria to ensure quality products, services and processes. These institutions can be seen as the underlying foundation of international trade.

The Barbados National Standards Institution facilitates a national quality infrastructure to promote the economy and protect consumers. This is done through the services of accreditation, standardisation and metrology as well as certification, testing and inspection.






The BNSI Information Centre aims to satisfy and deliver information to its users in a consistent quality time. We welcome local, regional and international individuals to reference and purchase our publications and standards. The centre maintains a portfolio of over 20,000 standards from the International Organization for standardization (ISO) and the complete set of Codex Alimentarius Commission amongst other standards. View our Catalogue 2023 for BNSI standards publications available from the centre.

The BNSI Information Centre is open to the public from 08:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. 

Referencing Information in a Covid-19 Environment

The information centre staff is dedicated to providing a personal service to its users in pursuit of information. The centre provides a number of tools and sources of information that the general public, stakeholders, its members, and staff can use.


How do I buy a standard?

Currently, our standards are available in hard copy only. They can be obtained physically from our office. Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic you will be required to schedule a pickup and payment. Covid-19 protocols will be enforced.

We also facilitate the purchases out of the island and we will be pleased to guide you through the procedure to ensure you get the standards you need.


Dissemination of information

The Centre uses its social media platforms where possible to communicate new and information to the public. We encourage persons to visit our website, facebook and Instagram pages to be informed of pertinent information.



The BNSI as a Standard Development Organisation (SDO) focuses on developing, publishing and disseminating technical standards using a consensus-based standards development process. We encourage our members and stakeholders such as manufacturers, sellers, buyers, customers; trades associations, users or regulators.to join with us and use their expertise within committees to help us formulate standards.

With your help, the development of standards will improved the quality, safety and compatibility of products and services of many Barbadian businesses of all sizes and will build customer confidence.


Labels act as identification for products. When products are labelled, it brands the product so it can be easily recognised. It is a printed information that is bonded to the product. The display of information may include warnings, instructions for use, environmental advice or advertising.

Customers make the decision easily at the point of purchase seeing the labelling of the product. This information gives the consumer the opportunity to consciously choose what to purchase.

The BNSI encourages business owners to let our team of experts advise you with getting your labels right.


With many products in the market place competing for the same dollar, with consumers at times unsure of the quality of products being sold, worried about their safety, marketers can make their products the ones consumers choose. They can do this  by  having  their products certified by BNSI.

Local products such as BRC wire mesh, flour produced at our Flour Mill hold their own in the market place because of a quality backed Certification Programme overseen by BNSI.

Talk to us about a Certification Mark for your product. What name recognition will your product have ten years from now? Talk to us, maybe we can help.


As the national agency responsible for developing and promoting the use of International, Regional and National standards, the Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI) is uniquely able to provide information and guidance regarding current international best practices within many sectors. Standards help businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity and access new markets. Organisations that operate in compliance with the requirements of the relevant standards are then able to provide products and services of consistent, good quality. This then boosts consumer confidence in the products and services being provided by the organisation and ensures their continued satisfaction and patronage. Consumers appreciate products that are safe, fit for purpose and reliable.

Persons and organisations interested in receiving guidance or training from the technical department of the BNSI should contact Mr. Fabian Scott, Chief Technical Officer of the Specifications Development, Quality Control and Certification Department of the BNSI at fabian.scott@barbados.gov.bb


The Barbados National Standards Institution joins you in the fight against COVID-19 by inviting you to display our ‘BNSI Safe Business Verification Stamp’.

We welcome all micro, small and medium enterprises and even multinationals on how to manage the risks arising from COVID-19 to protect health and safety in the workplace.

The ‘BNSI Safe Business Verification Stamp’ allows your company to visibly indicate that your organization has implemented safe protocols to protect employees and customers from COVID-19. These protocols are based on international standards and international best practices.

The stamp also provides a useful method of rebuilding business activity and increasing revenues.

We invite you to join the BNSI Safe Business Verification Programme by becoming a member. We look forward to your participation as seek to build a safe working environment for all businesses.