BNSI Shows Benefits of Standards in Customer Service

Standards are a must if businesses are serious about being competitive.

This was the thrust of a Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI) campaign in late March 2022, when technical officers and staff mounted a booth at the Warrens Business Fair and Expo in St Michael.

Using the theme, Quality A Must, the BNSI walked fair patrons through the difference between service with and without frameworks or systems to safeguard quality. The idea behind the exposition was to demonstrate the work of the standards institution, but also to project how standards work in a customer service reality.

The BNSI booth was split into three areas – “Express Ya Self”, which took patrons through scenarios involving unsatisfactory customer service; “Wha Ya Expect”, where patrons experienced a virtual world of excellent customer service, and finally, “Yes to Customer Service Standards”, where patrons then got to provide feedback on what they thought of the concept of standards in service

Due to the feedback received within the three stations, the BNSI is now looking at how it can utilise the viewpoints shared in their own standards development work.

Officers were able to share about the services offered by the organisation, which currently range from sale of standards, as well as accreditation, certification, testing and inspection, as well as measurement/metrology, information services and business support.

The BNSI’s role to promote a quality infrastructure within the business community was highlighted, pointing out where products and services were made more competitive and were able to penetrate and gain access to the international markets due to the application of quality parameters and systems.

The institution noted that it’s membership also gained a boost from the exposure, with additional business owners being encouraged to take advantage of the benefits and be supported with the services which the BNSI provides to business community.



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