The Barbados National Standards Institution was established in 1973 as a joint venture between the Government of Barbados and the private sector under the Companies Act.  It is a non-profit benevolent organisation and consists of administrative offices and a laboratory complex.

Work towards the establishment of BNSI began in 1966 with the decision of the then CARIFTA Council of Ministers that every participating country should establish a Bureau of Standards to protect regional and national consumers in the increasing exchange of goods and services and initiation and extension of industrialization.

A study was therefore done in 1967 on the feasibility of a National Standards Body in Barbados.  During the same year. Barbados, through the then Economic Planning Unit, became a Correspondent Member of the International Organization for Standardization.

Following another UNIDO Study in 1971, the BNSI formally established de jure in February 1973, as a joint venture between the Government of Barbados and the Private Sector under the Companies Act.  It is non-profit and registered “benevolent” organisation.

In 1973, BNSI assumed the membership for Barbados in the ISO.  Barbados, through BNSI, became a full member of ISO in 1999.

In 1984, BNSI became the National Contact Point for Codex Alimentarius matters.

The UNIDO/Government of Barbados projects for the “organisation and administration of the Barbados National Standards Institution 1973 – 1976 and 1978 – 1981” saw the development of the Institution.  BNSI occupied premises at Government Headquarters and the old Bay Street Boys’ School before taking possession of accommodation at “Flodden”, Culloden Road in 1975.

THe objectives of the BNSI

The objectives of the BNSI are to facilitate trade and the international competitiveness of Barbadian goods and services, the protection of consumers and the harmonious development of the sectors of the economy, through the development of standards, revision and amendment of these standards from time to time, testing of products for conformity to these standards, certification of products to national standards, accreditation to ensure that those who carry out testing, certification and inspection are competent to do so and calibration of measures (including mass, volume, temperature, length).


To be an innovative, flexible and effective organisation, able to respond quickly to the demands and needs of the national quality infrastructure, towards the improvement  of industrial development, trade competitiveness in global markets, efficient use of natural and human resources, food safety, health, the environment and climate change.

To facilitate, through standardisation and its related activities, a well-developed national quality infrastructure and promote the international competitiveness of Barbadian stakeholders in all sectors of the economy.












Board Of Management

Statement of mandate from the Chairman, Board of Directors

“Our mandate is to take the Barbados National Standards Institution to the next level, in conformity with international standards in standards development, testing, certification, accreditation, labelling and metrology. There is immense revenue earning potential to be unlocked within the BNSI, and the Board has been working assiduously to ensure that BNSI will soon be able to compete with its international counterparts”

Ryan R Brathwaite


Engineer and CEO of TicketLinkz and Hackleton Construction.

Lt. Col. Trevor Browne

Deputy Chairman

Barbados Association of Professional Engineers

Ruth Holder


Mrs. Nicole Foster-Clarke

Attorney-at-Law and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law, UWI Cave Hill

Ms. Fiona Hinds

Attorney-at-Lay, Q.C.

Mr. Kenneth Went

General Manager, Axcel Finance

Mr. Glenn Thorpe


Mr. Esworth Reid

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Mr. Rohan Seale

Barbados Light & Power

Mrs. Sonja Trotman

Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC)

Ms. Shardae Boyce

Barbados Manufacturers Association

Chief Medical Officer


Chief Agricultural Officer



Director (Ag) – Hadyn Rhynd

Chief Technical Officer (Standards) – Fabian Scott

Senior Accountant – Keira Cave

Administrative Officer (Ag) – Angela Ward

Secretary to Director – Vanessa Mason

Technical Officer (Building  & Engineering) – Jonathan Platt

Technical Officer (Food) – Cheryl Lewis

Technical Officer  (Consumer Products) – Carson Rawlins

Technical Officer (Tourism & Related Services) – Renate Sealy

Technical Officer (Metrology) – Damien Prescod

Senior Laboratory Technician – Steven Harris

Administrative Assistant – Susan Yarde

Assistant Accountant – Rochelle Bourne

Information Officer – Alicia Maloney

Clerical Officer – Tamika Cadogan

Messenger Driver – Winson Giles

Security – Anderson Harris


Legislation giving legal force to the work of the BNSI includes:


The functions of the BNSI include:

  • Preparing and adopting standards for goods and services of economic interest to Barbados.
  • Facilitating the implementation of standards in Barbados.
  • Promoting standardization, quality management, metrology, conformity assessment, certification in industry and commerce and accreditation.
  • Acting as custodian of the national standards of mass, length, capacity, time, temperature and electrical measurements.
  • Certifying products, commodities, processes, services and quality systems that conform to national standards.
  • Maintaining laboratories for relevant testing and research purposes.
  • Calibrating equipment and measures used in industry and commerce to ensure traceability to international reference standards.


BNSI offers the following services to industry:

  • Standards development and information

  • Metrology – Weights and Measures, Calibrations and Verifications

  • ISO 9000 (quality management) facilitation

  • Soils and materials testing

  • Certification of products under the BNSI Certification Marking Scheme

  • Product development and testing of products

  • Technical advice for metrication

  • Testing of products.